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1309 F St. NW

Original Name: Brownley's
Year Of Construction: 1932
Address: 1309 F St. NW Downtown Neighborhood Washington, DC 20004
Architect(s): Porter & Lockie
Current Status: Commercial
Original Use: Commercial

This beautiful little 1932 building for a major local confectionary company has fine proportions. Note the placement of windows and the outstanding aluminum spandrels. The first floor has a beautiful entrance, and the original interior was equally elaborate. The company had another fine building across the street, home of the Blue Mirror Grill, that was demolished in the early 1980s.

This building was designed by one of Washington’s most important architectural firms working in the Art Deco style, Porter & Lockie, though much is now lost.  Their work reflects the highly ornamented aspect of the style (as opposed to the streamlined aspect).You can see here that they liked to experiment with new materials, such as the aluminum used here.

For many years, this building was disfigured by a “modernized” store front at ground level, and its Art Deco beauty could only be seen on the upper facade. However, it was recently restored to its original appearance, although it is no longer a charming candy store.