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The Walker Building

Original Name: The Walker Building
Year Of Construction: 1937
Address: 734 15th Street NW Washington, DC 20005 Downtown Neighborhood
Architect(s): Porter & Lockie
Current Status: Commercial
Original Use: Commercial

The Walker Building at 734 15th St. NW,  has an Egyptian theme carried out in colorful polychrome mosaic concrete panels & aluminum grilles. This 1937 building also has an excellent lobby, with elevator doors of Monel metal, an Art Deco mailbox, chandeliers, cornice and ceiling details (exterior doors are not original). The architects, Porter & Lockie, were one of Washington’s most important firms working in the Art Deco style.  Their work reflects the highly ornamented aspect of the style (as opposed to the streamlined aspect).You can see here that they liked to experiment with new materials, such as aluminum and polychrome mosaic concrete panels.

The polychrome mosaic concrete panels are the work of Washingtonian John Joseph Earley, a concrete fabricator and artist who developed and perfected processes for producing exposed aggregate cast concrete structures and panels. He also perfected decorative mosaic concrete, in which carefully chosen colored stones molded on the concrete surface are formed into artistic designs.