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WTOP Transmitter

Original Name: WTOP Transmitter
Year Of Construction: 1939
Address: 2100 block University Blvd. Wheaton, MD 20902
Architect(s): E. Burton Corning
Current Status: Industrial and Manufacturing
Original Use: Industrial and Manufacturing

In Wheaton, Maryland, we find the unexpectedly urbane WTOP Transmitter in a park-like setting. These beautifully massed volumes are the work of E. Burton Corning in 1939. The style is a mix of Art Deco and early International Style, reminiscent of the work of Le Corbusier.  President Franklin Roosevelt is said to have liked it. The sign indicates that this is not a recent image, but the building exterior has changed very little over the years, although the interior equipment has undoubtedly been kept up to date.